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Championsheep NFT art

We are the Championsheep herd created by NFT artist Mel

All of us have different characters.

We are an individually hand painted and animated herd.

Identify us by our sequentially numbered label

in our ears - starting with N° 0001

We are unique pieces of art - drawn one by one -  by our german artist, Mel.


Our precious herd is growing.

 We are listed on Opensea.

The Championsheep rapper.jpg

We are living on the lush meadows of the ethereum blockchain

on Opensea - collect us as NFT art, PFP and lucky charms.

our traits

our haircut and hat changes

our ears are  

individually animated

label with sequential number

background changes

our eyes are  

individually animated

skin color changes

Image by Mario Dobelmann

our mission

We are here to make you smile. We love to make fun of steriotypes.


Our artist is a nature lover.

She wants to make people aware, that peatlands are more important for our climate than trees.

Peatlands are special kinds of wetland and help reducing the effects of climate change. Forests are not the key to save the planet.

Peatlands are storing more CO2 than all forests in the world.

If she sells us she wants to donate

to a foundation which restores peatlands

support our planet

our roadmap


We are here to make you smile.


We don´t want to promise stuff we can´t keep:


We are busy to to gather a herd with optimistic people having a good sense of humor.

We are creating happy vibes and make you smile.

We are busy to find many cosy wallets we can live in.

When we are sold, our artist will donate to the Succow foundation a leading, internationally working institution, which is specialised in preserving peatlands.

Learn more about it here.

She is a fulltime artist and continues drawing 

to make you happy.

Herd of Sheep on the roads of New Zealand, south island.jpg

Championsheep NFT Roadmap


impress your followers and friends • show them your good sense of humor

use us as:

NFT art collectibles

profile picture at social media

 background on your phone and desktop

print and frame us

use us as lucky charm

we are your mascot when you are sheepish

count us at night - (like any sheep we love that)

we are for private use only


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